How to opt out of all MTN promo SMS


MTN Nigeria are quite infamous for their intrusive SMS adverts, promos, and other SMS subscription servcies. This services often lead to unapproved renewals and worrying and illegal airtime deductions. You could always report to the NCC, but as they are known for inaction the MTN Unsubscribe menu is a more viable option.

I have been a victim of this unruly tactics of MTN in recent times, and even considered dropping the line, save for my contacts I would have. I got auto-subscribed to a number of useless services and kept getting random deductions from my airtime balance. I discovered the MTN Unsubscribe menu this morning and I’m very glad that it worked flawlessly.

The good news is that works fine without any hassles, the bad news is that its only available to MTN SIMs and we are yet to get similar service on other notorious telecoms (Airtel I’m looking at you).

How to use MTN Unsubscribe Menu

  • Dial  *123*5*1#
  • A pop up box will be revealed showing you two options


  • Enter 2 and send to reveal the services you are currently subscribed to


  • For each service listed that you want to unsubscribe from enter the corresponding number (in this case 1) and follow the prompt to unsubscribe



  • Note that data services will also be listed so be carefully so as not to unintentionally unsubscribe
  • You have now succesfully unsubscribed from all spammy services and won’t be troubled no more.

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