How to Crash your Friend’s WhatsApp

Want to be mischievous? A bug in WhatsApp just made it a whole lot easier. A security researcher, Indrajeet Bhuyan, discovered a way to properly express malicious intent on WhatsApp.  To accomplish this, the attacker would have to send a 5000 character message composed entirely of emojis to the victim.


This can only be done from the web version of WhatsApp where a 5000 emoji long bomb is sent out. This action will completely crash and shutdown the victim’s WhatsApp. The only way to recover from this attack is to clear history and reinstall the app, hence, there’s no way to even know who the attacker is!

WhatsApp does have a mechanism to prevent things like this; that’s the reason for the 6000 character limit. The limit though is not enough to stop the crashes caused by 5000 or more emoji messages.

The exploit is peculiar to Android devices and does not affect iPhones.

This is for educational purposes only!

Only mean people will try it.