Just Google it!

We’ve all had that one friend who responds to your question by asking you to Google it! Many find it offensive, especially when it is used sarcastically. But let’s all stop for a moment and consider the phrase “Just Google it!”. 

google it

Here are some known facts:

  1. Google is the most used search engine in the World Wide Web, handling more than 3 billion searches each day
  2. Google can point you in the right direction when you need information, all you need do is ask.
  3. With the ever increasing use of Google, our exposure to the world has also increased tremendously.
  4. There’s a 95% chance that whatever problem or questions you have, you’re not the first person, and you can find the solution by googling

There are many more facts if we decide to go technical, and also many more you may choose to add.

A simple google search can save you a lot of trouble. The world has developed to a stage where the internet provides almost every information you could possibly want, and google is at the center of all that.

You can search for anything and you’ll get the answer or be pointed to lots of resources. Gone are the days when we needed to be in a physical library to get information on a subject, or when we needed to buy books or be in a classroom to acquire knowledge. A simple ‘how to’ search can get you the information you need.

google search - how to

You’d be amazed at the number of things google can do for you, ranging from simple stuff like calculation, traffic updates, how to cook a certain meal, weather report, maps, currency converter, translate and many more. Basically you can ask anything on google search. The more you use it, the more it’s personalized for better experience.

google search - currency

Everyone with a question is just a google search away from getting a detailed answer. Though I have to warn that it can be misleading too, so one has to filter the amount of information you find on google to get the right one. In the end, Google is actually your friend.

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