Meet Lara – an Automated Direction Assistant

You must have found yourself in a situation where you’ve had to ask a friend for direction and he/she is not reachable, or you’re trying to get somewhere and you have no idea how to get there or how much it’ll cost. Lara is the assistant to solve that problem.

Lara automated direction assistant

Lara is an automated direction assistant that can provide directions & fare quotes to assist commuters get from one point A to B hassle free, powered by Road PreppersThough still in it’s early stages, Lara is quite smart and can respond to simple commands such as “Hello”, “How old are you?” She also recognizes places in addition to street addresses and areas in Lagos. You can try questions like “From ICM to Oando 4th roundabout Lekki”, and Lara would provide you with information on how to get there.

Lara has a neat and very familiar user interface. You would actually feel like you’re on WhatsApp. The best part is, you don’t need to install any application on your mobile as Lara is a web application, meaning it works on any smartphone with internet. You can access it via

Lara can figure out your exact location when you press the location button, then all you have to do is enter your “TO” location to get directions.

lara direction assistant

You can also add Lara to your home screen from your browser. With one tap, Lara opens directly, so you don’t have to worry about typing a web address anytime you wish to use it.

Lara is learning the more she interacts more with users. As she expands her ability she will be able to provide multiple routes to the destination. It is exclusively a public transit solution for now and it only works with locations in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a smart bot that is constantly being improved to become more interactive and provide the best support to commuters. You can expect her to only get smarter.

Lara will be able to organically collect feedback through the chat interface. But for now, if you have feedback on directions or fares, you can enter them Here

What are your thoughts on this innovative web application?

Personally I would like to see Lara able to give traffic updates and also provide alternative routes.

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One thought on “Meet Lara – an Automated Direction Assistant

  • March 16, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    Lara has come to stay big UPS for the brains behind this. Once thought of this solution but not this kind of interface. Splendid from me. Lara is our own transport assistant. Leave some people to be shouting Folake and caro.