Samsung Officially Announce Bixby Assistant

Samsung bixby assistant

Samsung Bixby Assistant which is expected to launch with the Galaxy S8 has officially been confirmed  by Samsung.

AI on Smartphones is becoming something of a trend as major phone manufacturers are working hard to come up with the best digital assistant for mobile phones. Bixby is Samsung’s response to the likes of Siri and Cortana

Samsung’s major aim of developing Bixby Assistant is to have a machine learn and adapt to the user instead of having the user learn how it works. Samsung confirms that Bixby will be its new intelligent interface on its devices and that it’s fundamentally different from other voice assistants available currently. The company points out three areas of strength that give Bixby an edge over its rivals.


Bixby would have complete control over any Bixby-enabled app, giving the assistant the ability to carry out every touch input via voice command. Most voice assistant only support selected tasks for an app, so it would be interesting to see how Samsung Bixby Assistant integrates with other apps.

Context Awareness

When in a Bixby-enabled app, users are able to call on Bixby assistant anytime, and it will automatically understand the current context and state of the app.

Cognitive Tolerance

Bixby is smart enough to understand commands with incomplete information, and it will be able to execute relevant task to the best of it’s knowledge. It will prompt users for more information when required.

As expected, the Galaxy S8 will be the first device to feature Bixby assistant. By default most system apps will be Bixby-enabled, meaning users will be able to control them through voice commands. Support for Bixby will be added for more apps in the coming months. Samsung plans to release an SDK which will enable third-party developers to make their own apps that work with Bixby.

The company also confirms that the Galaxy S8 will have a dedicated hardware button for Bixby. This will ensure easy accessibility. Samsung intends to build Bixby into other appliances in the future. We’ll definitely find out more features of Samsung Bixby assistant in detail come March 29 when the Galaxy S8 is launched.

It will be interesting to see how Bixby stands against the likes of Siri, Cortana and most especially, Google Assistant.