Samsung Galaxy Note 7R – Second Coming of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

You read it right! Samsung looks set to release a refurbished version of the previously problematic explosive Note 7 device, this time as Galaxy Note 7R. We would like to see it as it’s second coming, or rather it’s third.

refurbished galaxy note 7

It’s hard to forget the Note 7 incident that caused Samsung to recall the device and eventually took it off the market. Though the Note 7 was a dangerous device to carry around due to the fire incidents of most units, one can’t argue that it could’ve been the best phone of it’s year. There were a few users who held on to their devices because it was too good to let go.

Samsung decided to refurbish the Galaxy Note 7 after pressure from environmental groups including Greenpeace. According to reports, the refurbished device – which could be called the Galaxy Note 7R – will be available through all major carriers in Korea: SKT, KT, and LG. The device is expected to be $250 cheaper than it’s original launch price of $870.

The troubled Note 7 could come back as early as June, and it would be basically same specs as before, but with a slightly smaller battery. Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 7R in South Korea in late June. It is not yet clear as to when other countries would receive the phone and how well it would be received after being the subject of many flight announcements.

The Refurbished Galaxy Note 7R is expected to launch with android 7.0 out of the box. For consumers, it’ll only be a question of whether the price slash is good enough to give the device another chance.

The relaunch of the Galaxy Note 7R would not in any way affect plans for the Galaxy Note 8. Funny enough, a recent survey shows that a large number of users want the Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately, Samsung has made it clear that it has no plans to launch the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in the US or Canada.

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