Technology and Business: Facebook

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Technology and business are not to be separated. It is very important to note that the business aspect of Information and communication Technology has been the drive for more innovative ideas and creativity. The world is constantly changing. Research is being embarked on constantly. It is important to know what it means to keep your product or service in business ahead of innovation.

Most recent updates from Facebook and its associated social media channels like Instagram and Whatsapp has been met with mixed reactions. The most notable comment from critics is the saying that “Facebook is copying Snapchat”. Some even go to the extent of saying “Facebook has ran out of ideas”.

Here is why I believe that they are wrong to criticize Mark and his team for their latest updates.

Latest Trends are Important

The latest trends are too important to be ignored for any company that wants to be in the game and also wants to have a large base of happy customers subscribing to their products and services. Take for example the arrival of Big Data and how all other companies has jumped on it. We do not even think about who started cloud based technology anymore. More so, the internet of things is everywhere that every standard organizations are already involve in sponsored researches. Before you think about the next stage for your business. Ask yourself , what is the adopted practice or latest trend in your sector and jump right in.

Keeping Customers Happy

The priority of every organization is to keep their customers happy and fixated on their product or services. It is to be known that a happy customer keeps coming back for more and always want more. When organizations through their R & D finds a new way to keep their customer happy, they should not hesitate to do that. Facebook from their latest updates has done that and we all know people are happy using the social media channel as always.

There is no better way to concentrate on your latest development and coming up with your own innovation than when your customers and businesses are giving you less worries. Facebook has maintained this approach by following the latest in social media. Top companies play this game and for Facebook it is Game on!.

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