Whatsapp tops the list of the most downloaded android apps

Smartphones have become more of a companion, something we can hardly do without. With android phones taking the most share of the smartphone market, we take a look at the top 10 most downloaded Android apps.

Download statistics from last month reveal that the top four most downloaded Android apps are developed by Facebook. Combined, these apps were downloaded 297 million times in July 2017.

Whatsapp which recently hit 1 billion daily active users sending 55 billion messages daily, takes the top spot with 103.64 million downloads. Facebook Messenger app followed with 84.48 million downloads. Facebook app was downloaded 40.99 million times while Instagram came fourth on the list and was downloaded 39.68 million times.

Popular app Snapchat only comes fifth with 22.99 million downloads. Subway Surfers is the only game that made top 10, occupying the seventh position with 13.36 million downloads.

top ten most downloaded android apps

These stats only show that people spend most of their time with their smartphones on social media, connecting with friends.

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